Why All The Hype?

Helping you find the best party, one night at a time!

Real-Time Discovery

Interactive venue pages display real-time photos and feedback from users who have recently visited the specific venue and people who are currently partying inside!

Build An Entourage

Connect with friends and build your “Entourage.” mynightCap keeps you tapped into the venues where your friends are currently partying or planning to go. No more wasted nights simply because you couldn't coordinate with friends in time.

Your Homepage

Fully customize your homepage by cities, neighborhoods and music preference! mynightCap displays the best venues custom-tailored to your taste.


Our “Hangover” feature provides you with a fun recap of the previous night (just in case you are having a hard time remembering). mynightCap compiles the photos taken by you and your Entourage the previous evening for your viewing pleasure the next morning.

Augmented Reality

Use the “Vision” feature while walking down the Las Vegas Strip or Hollywood Blvd to get an augmented view of the action around you. Vision allows you to immerse yourself in the augmented reality to get information about the clubs and bars nearby.

Share Your Experience

Share photos taken during your nightlife experiences. Let your Entourage know how your night is going and if they should or shouldn't join you!



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